Travel Insurance

When you are planning on getting away for a short break or a long vacation, one aspect to your trip that you should pay some careful attention to is travel insurance, and whilst is may seem an added cost that you could do without paying, if you ever need to use and claim on that insurance policy you will be glad you took it out.

Lost Cost International Air Travel

When you are planning your annual holiday away you may be thinking of travailing from the UK to somewhere far away, and top of many people’s lists of places to visit is the USA, however with the cost of plane tickets to the US from the UK being so high, you will have to set aside some huge amounts of cash for just the flights alone.

Budget Airlines

Love them or hate them, there is probably going to be a time when you will need to travel on a budget airline, and to be fair there are quite a number of them which fly from most airports in the UK.

When you do want to pay the absolute minimum to get away on a holiday, business trip or just a few days away in a country you have never visited before, then you will possibly be tempted to make use of one of the those budget airlines, and to give you some ideas of what you can expect we have n overview of some of the most popular ones listed below.

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